• Took a walk into town earlier to the Henley World Village Market and had the pleasure to discover this amazing company The Oil Hut, they produce handmade, 100% natural ingredients, bath/body/massage oils as well as mist/room sprays and the most stunning beautifully scented diffusers. All the products are made in Devon, all local sourced ingredients where possible and a true homegrown, family kitchen start up! Fabulous items and a great ethos. I bought three different diffusers and the house smells amazing and I cannot wait to go to bed and try my luxury pillow spray after I have had my bath in their amazing relax oil.

    Gemma - Henley on Thames - March 2017 - Diffusers, Luxury Pillow Spray and Relax Oil

  • Our games room at the front of our house was continually full of flies due to ill fitting seals on the windows. Following advice from The Oil Hut, I sprayed the sills and edges of each window with their Bugs Away Spray. It was incredible, within an hour the room had a carpet of dead flies on it and more importantly they have not come back. My husband simply cannot believe it. No chemicals, fantastic aroma and it really does work, whats not to like!

    Mrs Horsey - BUGS AWAY SPRAY 500ML

  • The Oil Hut received the Gold Medal for the best stand under 6metres, therefore winning the prestigious and stunning Best Trade Stand Trophy for 2016. The stand stood out for its overall display, its colour and its wonderful range of quality natural handmade products.   ROYAL BATH AND WEST SHOW JUNE 2016.