Gardeners Rescue Gift Set


The ultimate gardeners rescue pack, two specific oils to help aching muscles and sore feet, accompanied with our best selling relax bath and massage oil and a handmade Tea Tree and Spirulina soap

Four quality natural goodies in a stylish white magnetic gift box, a great present for the tired green fingered gardener.



Muscle Rub Bath and Massage Oil 100ml is handmade and hand poured from a combination of essential oils in a base of sweet almond oil and is the ideal remedy for tired and aching muscles. Ideally to be used after a hard day in the garden this oil is naturally analgesic as well as soothing and cooling and should either be massaged into areas of discomfort to instantly release tension or simply add around 10ml to your bath for a general body and muscle relaxation.

Relax Bath & Massage Oil 100ml induces a feeling of relaxation and well being, reduces tension and anxiety made with Lemongrass, Rosewood, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender and a Sweet Almond Base. When feeling tense or stressed use the Relax Oil by simply adding around 10ml to your bath or massage directly into neck and shoulders for instant relief.

Our Fresh Feet Oil 100ml helps reduce swelling, encourages circulation and combats bacteria and fungi. Keep cool in the fridge in summer months for added effect. Add 10 ml to a foot bath and soak for 15 minutes or simply massage feet with the oil and enjoy the cooling and soothing effect Fresh Feet brings.

All our oil based products are sold in stylish Aluminium bottles as this promotes a longer life as any natural oil or pure essence is best kept in the dark.