Pure Indulgence Gift Set


A stunning gift with three of our more luxurious based 100% natural items. Excite a fun oil for you and your partner to enjoy by way of a bath or massage or both! Luxury Pillow Mist is made with the king and queen of flowers Rose and Lavender and finally Relax Bath Oil a rich and stunning blend of essential oils encouraging a feeling of relaxation and totally well-being. Finally fragrant confetti roses for sprinkling in the bath or bedroom.

This group of stylish handmade and hand poured treats, come in a beautiful white magnetic closing gift box, giving it an added wow factor.

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Relax Body & Bath Oil 100ml induces a feeling of relaxation and well-being, reduces tension and anxiety made with Lemongrass, Rosewood, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender and a Sweet Almond Base. When feeling tense or stressed use our relaxing bath or massage oil either directly into the bath or massage into neck and shoulders.



Luxury Pillow Mist 100ml is a bespoke handmade spray for your pillow, it is a sumptuous blend of the King and Queen of Flowers. Rose is not only one of the most luxurious by price but also by nature and Lavender, the King of balance, healing and calm. Spritz on and around your pillow and let the stunning scent of Rose and Lavender help you relax, rest and sleep.


Revive Body & Bath Oil 100ml this wonderful synergy of essential oils including Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Rosewood, Sweet Orange and Rosewood is great for a morning wake up or a much needed evening energy hit. Works to wake up the senses, stimulate the mind and boost the spirits.


The pink roses are for sprinkling in the bath as they melt in the hot water and fragrance the bath or simply decorate the bedroom.


All our oil based products are sold in stylish Aluminium bottles as this promotes a longer life as any natural oil or pure essence is best kept in the dark.