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Living in Southern Spain for 10 years being plagued by mosquitoes and flies was a common occurrence at certain times of the year. Throughout my life I have done all I can to avoid chemical products and combining that with the bug problems I had living in Spain, ignited me to search for the best DEET and chemical free way to keep the bugs away. When you consider some of the horrendous side effects of using DEET, not only melting your flip flops but allergic reactions, seizures and brain malfunction, chronic headaches and fatigue to name a few. 

The modern market place now demands natural products that work. Our award-winning Bugs Away range has now filled that void in the market place as our reviews and happy customers will testify.

Why find an alternative?

Research has proven that natural solutions can be even more powerful. Several studies have found that lemon eucalyptus essential oil (PMD) can be equally or even more effective at warding off mosquitoes than DEET.  This form of mosquito repellent is now endorsed by Public Health England which is basically the NHS.  The fact that GP’s and practice nurses still guide people to 50% DEET is out of date.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America whose last two years of research has shown that PMD (oil of lemon eucalyptus) has proven to be as effective as DEET on the human body.  This is something that the big pharmaceutical companies tend not to shout about.

Putting it to the test 

With my desire to find a non-chemical and DEET free solution I came to the conclusion that a blend of essentials would prove most successful and set about creating one. I tested myself (and my horse) over time and very quickly came to recognise the combinations of essential oils that worked best.  Step two was to blend these essential oils with carriers that could be used on humans and animals as well as around the home to ensure the best results.  

And hey presto – the Bugs Away range was created.

Mosquitoes are attracted to our odour. Our Bugs Away Body Oil should be applied to any exposed areas of skin lasting roughly around 4 hours on our skin, it is a light easily absorbed oil and our water-based Bugs Away Body Spray with Vitamin E is the ideal convenient top up for later on in the evening and is also great for the face and hair line due to its light misting.

Our Simply Green diffusers for use in the home and dining al fresco will deter flies and other bugs from entering a space.  We have this in a 100ml Diffuser which will last around 6-8 months and 400ml Diffuser which will comfortably see you the year round. This is a lemony fresh fragrance and continues to be our best-selling diffuser.

Our 500ml Big Bug Spray that can be used around the house for flies, moths and insects and is also safe for use on and around animals.   Take our Bugs Away Spray with you for camping, spray your entry points at home to deter flies, use on carpets and clothes for moths, or just use as a natural air freshener.

Those of you that know me will know my favourite saying is ‘walk the middle road’ – glass of wine in one hand and lavender oil in the other! It is all about the life balance especially when you are blending essential oil products. 

How does it work ?  

Our blend which includes Lemon eucalyptus oil works because it’s main active ingredient, p-menthane-3,8-diol or PMD, blocks mosquitoes from sensing human presence, masking signals like carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  Lavender is also detested by the mosquito and Lemongrass is a natural repellent thanks to it’s high geraniol and citral content. It not only repels mosquitoes but various insects such as ants as well. 

So, it’s all about the smell, or should I say our smell. People are always telling me that they get bitten more than their partner – we all smell differently as far as the humble mosquito is concerned, some of us smell tastier than others. 

In the five years since I began the The Oil Hut, we have sold over 15,000 sets of Anti Mosquito Bugs Away Body Oil and Body Spray.  Our customers continue to return over and over again and referring friends and leaving positive reviews across all our social media sites. 

Until the end of May 2019, we are now taking 15% off our entire Bugs Away and Simply Green range.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at info@theoilhut.co.uk 

Here’s to a Bug Free summer with our Bugs Away Range.


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