Simply Green 400ML is a Must Buy

Bugs Away Diffuser Bug Repellent Diffuser

Your SG diffuser is a must buy for anyone who likes outdoor dining and barbecuing, just had the family around for Good Friday not one fly bothered us and everyone commented on the amazing scent the diffuser gives off. Lots of new customers for you coming from that barbecue!

Poppy Fielding - April 16th

Bugs Body Spray is Brilliant

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Bugs Away Body Spray Insect Repellent

I am mosquito magnet used your Bugs Away products after a friend recommended it last year for a holiday to Spain. The oil is not greasy, smells great and more importantly I did not get one bite in the week I was there, that never happens. Great products, have just bought both again for the summer.

Lee Peters - April 15th

Pain Relief

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Ease It Oil Fast Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief

Ease It really does work, the pain relief it has given my knee is amazing. Use it every day the inflammation has gone and it makes life so much more bearable as I now have genuine pain free movement. Thank you so much, have recommended it to everyone I know who suffers with Arthritis.

Darren Purse - April 13th

Farm Flies Gone…

Bugs Away Diffuser Bug Repellent Diffuser

Your Simply Green diffuser is simply unbelievable, generally do not write reviews or give feedback but this product deserves all the accolades. Never thought anything would make our kitchen bearable in the summer as we are farmers based in Kent, your diffuser does and it also creates such a great smell.

Stacey Harrison - April 13th

Lemongrass & Thyme scent..

Bugs Away Diffuser Bug Repellent Diffuser

The scent of the Simply Green diffuser is stunning always buy a couple in April two freshen up the kitchen and conservatory. Utterly brilliant with keeping the flies away and such a fresh lemon scent.

Nicola Davenport - April 11th

Holiday Essentials

Bugs Away Body Oil Mosquito And Bug Repellent

Off to Greece in May, first holiday in two years, always buy your Bugs Away Oil and Spray it is incredible, never had a bite in any of the holidays since I found your products at RHS Malvern five years ago.

Dawn Porter - April 9th
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