Rosehip Oil – Eczema gone..

I bought the Rosehip Oil at the end November.  In four weeks my eczema has gone from the back of my hand and my arm.  I have had the eczema for a couple of years and have had ointments from the doctor which didn’t clear it up. I still use the oil about once a week to keep it at bay. This Rosehip Oil is a must for anyone who suffers from Eczema, highly recommended. Thank you so much.
Jane Wilkes - January 5th

Pain Relief

I have used Ease It Oil to help with relief from some of the pain of Multiple Myeloma, Bone Cancer. It has been a help especially in the evening. Obviously it will not remove all pain but it certainly helps. Thank you OIL HUT for the help given.
I wanted to see you on your ” tour” of places selling this season but been rather restricted by Chemo etc. Just wanted to thank you. Will re order again later .

Stewart Wilkinson - January 2nd

Incredibly effective Mosquito Protection

Just a quick note to say how incredibly effective your anti mosquito protection is compared to other products we have tried. Just returned from Barbados having ever only reluctantly  used deet products like Jungle Formula as thought nothing else really worked. How wrong I was, your Bugs Away Oil and Spray kept us protected throughout the ten day trip without one bite. Fantastic smelling and so easy to use, all our group by the end of the trip wanted to borrow it! Really impressed and will not be buying anything else in the future.


Linda Robinson - January 5th

No More Strong Painkillers

I purchased the Ease It Oil at the Cardiff Christmas market and wow! I haven’t taken any more strong painkillers for my arthritis since. This oil is amazing – my joints are still stiff but not as painful and definitely don’t swell as much. Thank you so much.

Wendy Beattie - December 29th

Best Diffuser There Is..

I bought one of your large Revitalise reed diffusers at Winchester Christmas market 2 years ago. I have turned the reeds regularly and it is still half full. I just wanted to say what an amazing product you make. It is by far the best reed diffuser I have used. It smells amazing and everyone that comes into my lounge comments on the smell. I will definitely recommend my friends buy them. Thank you for another year of a lovely smelling lounge.

Barbara Pinder - November 3rd

Very Special Product

Hi – I restocked with the Bugs Away Oil and Spray for a recent trip to Costa Rica and Ecuador where we trekked through jungle and cloud forest – I didn’t suffer a single bite !  I’m usually very prone to bites but since using Bugs Away, no longer live in fear of the unsightly lumps ! This is a very special product which I highly recommend.

Karen Learoyd - November 29th

Best Stall This Year!

My husband suffers with arthritis in his hand, knees, back, neck and hips. He routinely takes a minimum of 6 Tramadol painkillers daily. We saw the stall at Carfest South and stopped to take a look. The lady suggested the Ease It Oil, for joints and rheumatism he applied the oil on Saturday  it’s now Monday night and he hasn’t taken any more Tramadol since! He’s able to turn his head right and left  and that’s something he hasn’t been able to do freely for over a year. In summary, it was like magic. He feels 10 years younger, and isn’t in pain.

Something else unexpected, I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot..I thought “it’s worth a try I walked all day Saturday/Sunday and most of today and have had no issues with my foot, that’s not even on the list of things the oil is meant to be good for!

Finding this stall was the best thing that’s happened to us this year, no more painkillers or expensive shoe inserts for us. Thank you so much Ease It Oil and The Oil Hut.


Tricia Turner - September 2019
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