Simply Green Diffuser, My Product Of The Year!

Bought a large and a small Simply Green Diffuser from you after a recommendation from a neighbour. We have been plagued with flies all year in the kitchen, got the diffuser going last month and I swear within 24 hours the buggers had gone. The difference is unbelievable and I am spreading the word. Utterly amazed, the best product I have purchased all year.

Catherine - October 10th

Arthritis Relief For All…

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Ease It Oil Fast Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief

I wanted to say how much your Ease It Arthritis and Quiet Night Sleep oils are benefiting me, my family and several of my friends.I have recommended your product to all my friends and colleagues especially those going through the menopause. Its also been recommended to several online menopause support groups and I have yet to hear anybody say anything but positive results. What you guys produce is amazing, really well done.

Belinda - October 9th

Muscle Rub Magic…

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Muscle Rub Oil For Fast Relief From Aching And Tired Muscles

I use your Muscle Rub Oil all the time, I love the fact that it is totally natural, it smells beautiful and is so warming when I massage it into aching muscles and also makes the perfect bath soak. I would highly recommend it.

David - October 8th

Good Sleep Guaranteed…

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Products Gift Ideas

The luxury sleep box is the perfect present for someone who values and appreciates a good night’s rest the box contains sleep oil, pillow spray and a beautiful scented bedroom diffuser. My husband bought this for my birthday last month and the results have been fantastic. Beautiful packaging and highly recommend.

Fiona - October 8th

Christmas Comes Early…

Christmas Diffuser

I was going to save this for Christmas but I couldn’t. A wonderful winter fragrance that makes my whole house smell of Christmas time and home baking, treated myself to the large 400ml one this year.

Kate - October 7th

Transformed My Holidays

Bugs Away Body Oil Mosquito And Bug Repellent

I have been using your Bugs Away Body Oil & Spray for several years now. I can confirm that  I’ve used it camping in Namibia, canoeing down the Zambezi, in China, Vietnam, India and Costa Rica, etc. and never had another mosquito bite. It’s truly amazing stuff, incredibly effective and has such a lovely aroma. I can’t thank The Oil Hut enough; Bugs Away has transformed my holidaying and I’d never go anywhere without it!

Julie - October 3rd
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