Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Ease It Oil Fast Arthritis And Joint Pain Relief

I purchased the Ease It Oil and have immediately found it beneficial.  I have now ordered three more of these oils, two of which are to be gifts for two friends with rheumatoid arthritis.  When you send my order would you kindly include two of your leaflets so that I might include them with the product when I give it to each of them. Really pleased to have come across you guys.

Christine Sessions - May 4th

Small Business Support

Gentle 100% Natural Diffuser

Just bought some of these amazing products for a friend working desperately hard as a nurse in the NHS. Thank you Oil Hut for covering the cost of postage A very generous offer. I know you are also delivering products to your local hospitals to provide some wellbeing care for the staff Lovely to see so many companies supporting the NHS and I am so pleased to be supporting a small British business like yours. Really love your products a big thank you .

Jacqui Drew - May 1st

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Products Gift Ideas

The team & I just wanted to send an email with the biggest thank you in & so much love & thanks to you for your parcels.
I can’t put into words how much it means & your kindness will never be forgotten by us here.
So many of us are getting amazing benefits from your products. We have fallen in love with your Restore spray & the amount of people who are having their pain reduced by your Ease It Oil, is just unbelievable!!
Saying thank you will never be enough, but thank you a million times over!!
Take care of you & much love from us all here in Radiology.

Radiology Department - May 1st

Happy Husband

My order was delivered this morning. The 1ooml Simply Green Diffuser as recommended by another lady the other day. I had 3 flies in my kitchen half an hour ago and now they are gone! So pleased dearly beloved won’t be running around with a newspaper this weekend! Plus I feel fab as I’ve supported a local company during a difficult time. Thank you The Oil Hut xx

Laura Crocker - April 24th

Conservatory Bliss

Bugs Away Diffuser Bug Repellent Diffuser

We stocked up from you at Cardiff RHS last year but with no show this year I am buying online. Your big 400ml Simply Green Diffuser is incredible, we have an open plan kitchen leading into our conservatory but the reduction in flies last summer was unbelievable. The fragrance is so fresh and everyone last year commented on the amazing smell in the kitchen. Has lasted just under year and the fact that it is totally natural is amazing. A very clever product.

Debbie Lord - April 10th

Best Pillow Spray Ever.

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Perfect Nights Sleep Pillow Mist

Cannot thank you enough, was given your Luxury Pillow Mist as a gift last month, to start with the combination of essential oils you have used to create that natural scent is stunning!  More importantly though my sleep pattern which was pretty dire has improved enormously and it now makes such difference to my day to day life. Without question the best pillow spray I have used and at a very fair price, ordering two more now.


Linda Jarvis - March 29th

Simply Green Big Spray

The Oil Hut Bugs Away Simply Green Spray Air Freshener

Bought after the facebook promtion last week, just brilliant to use a product which is completely natural smells great and helps kill bacteria around my house. In this current climate I now use it daily on all surfaces around the kitchen and living room area and a few drops when I mop the floors makes the whole house smell so incredible, it is a seriously addictive smell, (so much so, I have just bought the 100ml diffuser). The fact that it is skin friendly yet still offers so many benefits to the cleanliness of my house is amazing. Really well done.

Mary Moore - March 15

So Pleased

The Oil Hut 100% Natural Bugs Away Body Oil Insect And Bug Repellent
I went on a 7 week tour of Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand & Cambodia returning last week.  Using your products I was able to have a nearly bite-free holiday. The only 2 bites I had were in Phuket where we were surrounded by dirty water, this was entirely my own fault for not applying the oil/spray to my right elbow properly!  The 2 body oil cans lasted the full holiday, and I have returned with half a can of the body spray, so pleased so buying again now for the coming Spanish Summer.
Judi Lentelink - March 13
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