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Arthritis & Joint Pain: Helping You To Ease It.

Aches and pains are part of so many of our lives; growing pains, stress on our bodies from exercising, menopausal aching joints, medical conditions that bring joint pain as a side effect or just simply too much time spent gardening. A huge number of people however find themselves having to cope daily with arthritis, the pain can be debilitating and restrict everyday life.  

The word arthritis literally means ‘joint inflammation’ and can come on slowly or rapidly causing joint pain, swelling, stiffness and warmth in the joints. Though there are over 100 types of arthritis the two most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis however conditions such as gout, lupus and fibromyalgia fall into the arthritis category.

Studies have shown that physical exercise of the affected joint can noticeably improve long-term pain relief.  Furthermore, exercise of the arthritic joint is encouraged to maintain the health of that joint. All well and good but if the joint is sore and movement causes pain the thought of exercising can be a long way from our minds.

I have suffered for years from a very sore neck – way before I started The Oil Hut – not arthritic to start with but becoming so as I get older. It is probably the result of an old whiplash injury from my teens.  I worked on a natural blend to reduce the pain and inflammation while avoiding chemical drugs. Black Pepper, Ginger, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Juniper are all known for their ability to reduce both inflammation and pain. The solution to my neck problem was simple; a spicy diet whilst eating ginger biscuits, drinking peppermint and eucalyptus tea and a lot of gin and tonic – that would sort me out!

As I am not that keen on either gin or ginger I set about blending different mixes to  create an oil that would ‘take the edge off’. When I founded The Oil Hut five years ago this was the first oil I registered and Ease It oil became an official product, it has consistently been our bestselling therapeutic oil helping thousands of people (and even the odd dog and horse along the way) with not only joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis but also for general aches and pains caused by worn out joints or just tired bones. With a hypoallergenic Sweet Almond oil base it is gentle enough for sensitive skin types and packed with Vitamin E which is great at keeping skin cells healthy. As with all our products the smell is so important and Ease It smells fantastic. 

I have received endless messages of not only thanks from people who have found huge relief for their arthritis but also from people who actually find using this oil life changing in their mobility. Managing pain without popping pills is really important to so many people and helps with overall health.  

Last month Davina who suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis contacted us to say she had discovered our Ease It Oil and told us that it had helped her so much and given her back the use of her hand without pain. It was great to see these amazing photos which she was happy enough to share with everyone within The Oil Hut community. 

Davina’s Photos

Easy to apply with a pump top, Ease It oil can be massaged directly onto swollen and painful joints for a couple of minutes as It takes about 2-3 minutes for an essential oil to reach the bloodstream. You can also add a few drops to a bath to relieve those aches and pains.  

Click on the following links to see two more great videos from last weeks show at Harrogate where Terry and Sue were astonished at the immediate results of only one application of Ease It Oil.

Terry’s Video

Sue’s Video

Best Wishes 

Katy X

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