Menopause and sleep problems

Menopause: Bringing you a little relief  

It has brought me great pleasure over recent months to see the work being done to start conversations about what has long been a taboo subject, Menopause. It is interesting to see a growth in discussion across social media, press and media. I think we can give a considerable amount of thanks for that to the BBC Menopause Week they held back in May sharing news views and stories from those of us who suffer not only monthly but daily when we get to a certain stage of our female life. During that week Louise Minchin, BBC Breakfast presenter, shared her personal menopause journey, View More.

Prior to that in November 2018 the BBC had also aired The Menopause hosted by Mariella Frostrup explaining how the latest science can explain what it is and how we are affected, it is well worth finding 58 minutes to sit down and watch here.

Opening the door for conversation about perimenopause and menopause signs and symptoms can only be good news.  As women,  right from our teenage years we struggle to maintain balance in our mood, our bodies and often our weight as well, all thanks to hormones.

I am now 53 and am having my fair share of menopausal symptoms.  I recently read this article which states there are 34 symptoms of menopause – they range from Hot Flashes, memory loss, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, muscle and joint pain.  Whilst reading I seemed to be able to tick most of the 34 boxes at some stage !! View Menopause Symptoms Here

My Mum had quite a rough time with it too so I have always been conscious of the need for anything that can help.  I set about in my shed to find some solutions to the problems that  I and many of us have, are and will experience.

Falling Estrogen levels are to blame for joint pain.  Estrogen helps manage inflammation.  This can lead to Arthritis.  Our Best Selling Ease It oil not only brings relief to arthritis  but  can really help during menopause for sore and achy joints. 

Estrogen is also a sleep maintaining hormone.  When we have a deficiency of estrogen in perimenopause  and menopause it is common to lose sleep – our Quiet Night Sleep oil is proving to help many in their sleep routine.  Very calming and soothing just rub a little onto your temples and pulse points, take a warm night time bath with a capful of Quiet Night Oil or use as a night time moisturiser.

Lavender has anxiolytic, can reduce anxiety, qualities and is proven in tests to work as well as drugs such as Lorazepam. Spraying our  Luxury Pillow Mist at bed time can not only enhance the quality of your sleep but reduce anxiety and stress and having our 100% natural Tranquility diffuser by your bed will give you a continual ‘feed’ of Lavender while you sleep.

It has been proven in research that inhaling lavender can significantly reduce Hot Flashes but peppermint  has also been shown to cool and reduce discomfort – we have combined the two into our Cool Down Mist – the right size to carry in a  hand bag, just have a spritz when you feel a flush coming on and take a deep breath… and breathe.

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