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Always Bitten.. Not This Time

Bugs Away Body Oil

Usually get bitten terribly while on holiday but have just spent 10 days in Goa using Bugs Away Body Oil and Body Spray  for the first time, not one bite and it smells great as well.

Karen - May 2019

Fly Free Kitchen..

Love the Simply Green diffuser. Had it by the back door in my utility room and have had no flies or wasps since I put it there. Smells lovely too.

Janet - May 2019

Sleep & Anxiety

Bought the  Quiet Night Sleep Oil to help me sleep. This product is wonderful, not only does it help me sleep but as I suffer from anxiety it seems to have calmed my mind as well. I feel different during the day and I am more in charge of myself. Its amazing that an oil has achieved this. I can’t thank you enough and I have tried so many things but this truly works. It is also so pleasant to use on my skin.

Clare - May 2019

Arthritis Relief

The Ease It Oil is amazing it takes away the pain from your joints and works so fast, just rub a little on to the painful area daily. No need for pain killers anymore and it also smells incredible. Great value at £12 and I would recommend it to anyone who suffers with joint pain. Give it a go you will be glad you did.

Jane Presswell - May 2019

Eczema & Dry Skin

I couldn’t recommend Organic Rosehip Oil by The Oil Hut more! I get eczema on my hands and the only thing that has cleared it up entirely is this oil. It is amazing! After using prescription creams that barely worked/were full of very harsh chemicals for over 15 years I can safely say this is the only thing that has properly worked and doesn’t have any of the side effects of prescription creams. Thank you so much The Oil Hut.

Lucy - May 2019