Home, Animal & Plant Natural Bug Spray 500ml


Bugs Away Spray 500ml is a synergistic blend of carefully selected essential oils that deter all those mosquitoes, flies, midges and moths. Spray in the house especially around window sills and affected areas, perfect for plants and due to its totally natural make up it is also ideal for horses and dogs as well. This careful blend of essentails oils has a lovely fresh aroma not only keeping the bugs away but smelling great as well.

A fantastic multi purpose product for your home garden and animals.

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A 100% natural insect repellent spray which cleverly deters all those insects and bugs as well as leaving a pleasant smelling aroma. This larger size come in a plastic bottle making it perfect for outdoor living, stables, barbecue areas, camping, patios but can also be used inside just as well inside the home as it is chemical free and contains no DEET.


A spring and summer home essential.