Anti Cellulite Bath & Massage Oil 100ml


Anti Cellulite Oil 100ml is a clever formula of Cypress, Fennel, Geranium, Grapefruit and Juniper which helps improve skin tone and circulation. This is a 100% natural handmade oil and regular use will also enhance the texture of the skin.

For the best results deeply massage into the affected areas up to three times a week or pour around 10ml into your bath and massage the affected areas, this also offers you the chance to enjoy the wonderful aroma of this unique synergy of Essential Oils.

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This super natural oil is the ideal way to help shift cellulite deposits leading to a smoother look and feel to the skin. It is a bespoke hand poured totally natural oil made up of the finest natural ingredients.


All our oil based products are sold in stylish Aluminium bottles as this promotes a longer life as any natural oil or pure essence is best kept in the dark.