Holiday Gift Set


The perfect holiday pair of 100ml oil and spray are both hand made & poured and are made with only the finest natural ingredients. Both are 100ml in size and therefore fine for hand luggage and airport security. Presented in our new and stylish ‘Handmade in Devon’ luxury gift box.

Bugs Away Body Oil 100ml is a carefully selected combination of oils which deter all those mosquitoes, flies, and midges. Grape Seed is used as the base oil as it is very light and easily absorbed. Rub directly onto any exposed skin offering around 4 hours protection. The essential oils of Lemongrass, Thyme, Lavender and Eucalyptus give this highly effective repellent a natural fresh citrus aroma.

Our Bugs Spray has a great fresh smelling fragrance and is easily applied it is 100% natural protection. An award winning product our Bugs Away Spray was also recently recommended by Natural Health Magazine as a “Summer Holiday Must Have”.

With the last two years of research now showing PMD to be more effective on our skin than Deet, it really is time to stop applying these unnecessary chemical products to our body. The Bugs Away Body Oil and Spray are both completely natural and highly effective.




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