Lullaby Sleep Spray


Lullaby Sleep Mist 100ml is a totally natural and hand poured face and pillow mist. Our relaxing blend of gorgeous smelling essential oils helps create a tranquil and calming atmosphere. Gently spritz this wonderful duo of lavender and chamomile around you or on your pillow before sleep.  This product is 100% chemical free and is the natural way to provide calm and sleep conducive conditions.

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A bespoke handmade 100% natural room mist designed to create a tranquil and calming atmosphere to help aid sleep and relaxation for you and your baby.

Comes in a stylish bottle and is perfect for the bedside table or can just as easily be slipped into your handbag.


All our oil based products are sold in stylish Aluminium bottles as this promotes a longer life as any natural oil or pure essence is best kept in the dark.