New Baby Gift Set


Lovely natural products for the baby with our 100% pure soothing baby body and bath oil alongside the Lullaby Room Mist a beautiful and totally natural room mist to spray on and around the baby. Presented in our new and stylish ‘Handmade in Devon’ luxury gift box.


Lullaby Baby Soothing Mist 100ml is a totally natural and hand poured room mist. Our relaxing blend of gorgeous smelling essential oils helps create a tranquil and calming atmosphere. Gently spritz this wonderful trio of rose, lavender and chamomile around you and your baby. Ideal for bedtime, long journeys or any stressful moments. This product is 100% chemical free and is the natural way to provide calm and sleep conducive conditions.

Soothing Baby Natural Bath and Massage Oil 100ml is hand made and hand poured. A luxurious blend of wonderful Lavender, calming Roman Chamomile and Rose the king of all oils. Rose is proven to help both relaxation and sleep. This beautifully scented oil offers a calming bath time experience or simply massage into the temples, neck and feet creating the most natural way for a baby to sleep.