Luxury Bath Oil Revive 200ml


Revive Bath Oil 200ml is a 100% natural hand poured and hand made bath oil. Experience our luxurious blend of various citrus essential oils which help create an uplifting and enlivening bath experience. A fast anti-depressant and good for boosting energy levels.

A clever formula of Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Rosewood and Sweet Orange, is the perfect formula for the lifting of spirits and is a real bath time treat.

Simply add about 10ml to your bath and enjoy.

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A bespoke handmade combination of essential oils comes together to make Revive Bath Oil designed to boost and energise, a wonderful citrus mix of natural oils has a stunning fresh aroma  and is the ultimate pick me up bath time experience.



All our oil based products are sold in stylish Aluminium bottles as this promotes a longer life as any natural oil or pure essence is best kept in the dark.