Living up to the hype…

The Oil Hut Bugs Away Simply Green Spray Air Freshener

I don’t normally submit reviews for products – I am usually disappointed as they don’t live up to the hype, but that is certainly not the case with two of your products that I have used.

I have had a small Simply Green lemongrass and eucalyptus reed diffuser in my kitchen for several weeks and it has remained fly and bug free throughout the hot weather. Two adjoining rooms have also remained bug free as well, including the room my two Great Danes sleep in! Quite amazing, no dead flies or bugs on the window sills or surfaces – I am very impressed.

I also bought the Simply Green bugs away big spray for other areas as we are near woods and farmland and when eating outside we are often plagued with wasps and flies. The first time I used it I sprayed any bug or fly that came to annoy us, but the next time I decided to spray the table about half an hour before eating and the backs of the chairs. Just extraordinary, the occasional bug flew past but nothing landed or stayed. I have now done this on several occasions all with the same result.

Two excellent products, made by an independent company that live up to the claims made. The service is excellent and the products are too – keep up the good work.

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