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Prepping for RHS Malvern, our first major outdoor show since the Pandemic hit feels strange but it also feels great to be getting back out there. Nick and I have both been blown away by the support from our customers over the last two years and are so grateful for the wonderful referrals for our products which have and continue to bring in a steady stream of new Oil Hutters !

Many of you have met either Nick or I or both of us out and about over the last 7 years but many of you have not so I wanted to introduce us a little.   One of us is the right side of 50 ( just) and one is definitely on the wrong side ! I started blending oils many years ago when my children were little. When I had my first aches and pains (which have subsequently become Arthritis) using my oils became part of my daily routine.  Many people along the way asked me for my help with oils which is why, 7 years ago, we took a leap of faith and decided to create the Oil Hut. Ease It and Muscle Rub were among the first oils I made.  

I wanted to create aromatherapy for all at affordable prices being as eco as possible and guiding people to use natural essential oils instead of always heading to the medicine cabinet. 

Essential oils are basically plant extracts. They’re made by steaming or pressing various parts of a plant (flowers, bark, leaves or fruit) to capture the compounds that produce fragrance. It can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil. In addition to creating scent, essential oils perform other functions in plants, too.

Ease It Oil continues to be our biggest all year round seller, sadly Arthritis and related problems don’t just come and go with the seasons.  This oil contains 6 essential oils all containing anti inflammatory properties for eg Juniper Berry Essential Oil, not only Great for rheumatoid arthritis but also purifying, detoxifying, and great for muscle tension, swollen glands, gout, muscle fatigue and many other beneficial properties that contribute to its health-promoting effects.

With Spring here and Summer on its way our Simply Green -Bugs Away range is hot off the shelf. In fact we can hardly keep up with making it fast enough to fulfil orders coming in. Our blend of Essential oils used throughout the range are all renown around the world throughout centuries as deterrents for mosquitoes, flies, wasps and various bugs.  

Possibly the most important ingredient is Lemon Eucalyptus oil, (otherwise known as PMD).

Government research has found that a product containing oil of lemon eucalyptus is as effective and as long lasting as products containing DEET. This is reiterated on the Public Health England site and also  Amazing to think that a natural oil found in the leaf of a Lemon Eucalyptus tree can be as effective or even more so than a man made chemical compound developed in the USA in 1946 which has been shown in numerous studies to lead to seizures and is toxic to the central nervous system.

We have lots of new stuff coming up including a new range of roll ons. We are launching in time for the ‘exam season’ as one of our new ones is Focus, developed to enhance concentration and help with clear thinking.  In addition to our pure Lavender and Rosemary pure essential oils roll ons, these four new additions include Energise, Unwind and Sweet Dreams.  We have a fabulous new range of soaps too so come across to the website and see what we are up to.  Please continue to tell your friends all about us and hope to see you soon. 

Best wishes Katy and Nick

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